Time Machine roadmaps mapping the future

Time Machine is a Large-Scale Research Initiative, pushing the frontiers of scientific research in Information and Communication Technologies, Artificial Intelligence and the Social Sciences and Humanities.

Time Machine is built around the vision to develop the Big Data of the Past, – a widely distributed digital information system mapping the European social, cultural and geographical evolution. This large-scale digitisation and computing infrastructure will enable Europe to turn its long history, as well as its multilingualism and multiculturalism, into a living social and economic resource for co-creating a common future.

The proposed Large-Scale Research Initiative will use space and time as shared references across domains, disciplines and cultures, to understand and give value to constructions, artefacts, observations and data produced over centuries, enabling Europeans to better appropriate their heritage and strengthen the feeling of European belonging.

The key objective of the Time Machine CSA project is to develop a full Large-Scale Research Initiative proposal around its vision to develop the Big Data of the Past. Detailed roadmaps will be prepared, organised around the four pillars of the project, namely science and technology, Time Machine operation, exploitation avenues and framework conditions.

The executive summary of the Time Machine roadmaps offers you:

  • An overview of the Time Machine Large-Scale Research Initiative discussing the rationale, vision, proposed structure and key concepts for the design of the roadmaps
  • A summary of the main aspects in the current state of development for the Time Machine pillars
  • An outline of the expected outcomes and impact
  • A presentation of the Time Machine community and its evolution into a dense ecosystem of research and innovation actors under the governance of the Time Machine Organisation

An upcoming series of expert consultation and evaluation workshops now ring in the second phase of finalizing the roadmaps.

Time Machine Roadmap Survey

The methodology for building the overall roadmap of Time Machine envisages the elaboration of draft roadmaps for each pillar by working groups composed of consortium experts and subsequent consultations with the largest possible number of relevant external stakeholders. These consultations will enable the consortium to finalise the pillar roadmaps in a way that reflects the needs and expectations of a pan-European ecosystem that has been built around Time Machine and is currently expanding rapidly.

To provide information on Time Machine`s fields of intervention, and to gather feedback from various interest groups to further shape the Time Machine project, we invite you to take our corresponding survey.