Time Machine at 6th Croatian ICARUS-Days

Already for the sixth time, ICARUS Croatia invited speakers from all over the place to come together – virtually this time!

Date: 25. – 26. March 2021
Venue: online – register here
Languages: English and Croatian
Programme: “Archives – borders, identities, reflections”

In response to the pandemic, the sixth “Croatian ICARUS-Days” had to be postponed from early 2020 to March 2021 and will be staged virtually instead of taking place in beautiful Rijeka, hosted by the co-organiser University of Rijeka Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and other local partners.

But on the other hand, the virtual forum permits a broad range of participants and speakers – so you will find quite a large selection of talks referring to Time Machine subjects.

Thursday, March 25th

The first thematic session of the conference on Thursday features international archival initiatives, including a lecture by TMO Chief Technical Officer Daniel Jeller on: “Time Machine: Adding a new Dimension to the Past“.

At 13:30 the session “On the way to Time Machine” commences, dedicated to different European Local Time Machine initiatives as well as introducing our LTM-concept and development:

  • Isabella di Lenardo (Local Time Machines Coordinator/TMO – École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne/CH), Ilaria Manzini (Local Time Machines Manager, TMO): The Local Time Machines environment and its developments.

  • Peer Boselie (Erfgoedcentrum De Domijnen, City and region archivist of Sittard-Geleen/NL): Limburg Time Machine: who was where and when? Historical mass data of location and persons georeferenced.

  • Ágnes Telek (Budapest City Archives/HU, TM Ambassador): Find the (Hi)stories Behind the Data! – Visions of Budapest Time Machine.

  • Irena Šimić (University of Zagreb, Inst. of Art History/HR): Zagreb: Local Time Machines in Croatia: shifting perspectives towards realities.

  • Željko Trbušić (Croatian Academy of Sciences/HR): Large scale automatic text recognition accuracy and the impact on document retrieval in digital archives.

A second session focussing on Time Machine related topics and tools, follows at 15:00, featuring:

  • Gregor Završnik (Geoarh/SI): Digital geospatial data, a tool for interpretation of our past.

  • Antonio Cardoso (XpectralTEK/PT): XpeCAM Solution – The intelligent tool for Graphic document Preservation.

  • Damir Medved, Benedikt Perak (AIRI/University of Rijeka/HR): Chakavian Artificial Intelligence – Integrating advanced dialect chatbot into Heritage Museum of Drenova information system.

Don’t miss out on the other thematic sessions of the conference, such as “Archives and Digital Age”, “Data Protection, Data Access” alongside a variety of parallel session held in Croatian.

Friday, March 26th

On Friday the programme continues with sessions about “Digital Platforms and Cooperation”, “Archives, Memories and Interpretations”, “Building Common Information Infrastructures”, “Audience Development” etc., including a workshop Archives Portal Europe – A peek behind the scenes of data preparation” lead by Kerstin Arnold (APEF).

Looking forward to two days of inspiring and manifold input from speakers from all over Europe – many of the already being part of our Time Machine Network!