TMO Operational Plan 2020 – 2021

What is the Time Machine Organisation up to?

The board members and core staff of the Time Machine Organisation have been busy over the summer of 2020 to come up with a strategic plan for the upcoming year.

Evaluating the needs of the Time Machine Community and assessing the available resources, the Executive Team framed 6 Priority Areas where all subsequent actions feed into:

I. Time Machine Agenda

Goal: to establish a sustainable process and workflow for (1) planning, writing and reviewing “Requests for Comments” (RFCs) and (2) for transforming some RFCs into services for the TM infrastructure

II. Local Time Machine Services

Goal: to create the infrastructure driving the rapid development of Local Time Machines based on projects

III. Project Scouting Services

Goal: to obtain funding from procurements of institutional funders (Horizon Europe, Digital Europe, ESIF…) through winning partnerships of TMO members and selected third parties

IV. Services to Third Parties

Goal: to demonstrate the socio-economic relevance of Time Machine and obtain funding from services to third parties

V. Dissemination

Goal: to “package” and make available the knowledge created in other Priority Areas through publications, lectures, courses and other forms of dissemination

VI. Communication

Goal: to raise awareness and communicate the impact of TMO activities and use communication tools to serve strategic TMO objectives

Find out more about the TMO’s priorities, corresponding activities and initiatives, services for members and the allocation of the available budget: