Open Data of the Past Forum

TMO panel @ European Culture & Creativity Days Vienna

Date: 10 October 2023
Venue: University of Applied Arts Vienna

Kick-off event EIT Culture & Creativity Co-Location Centre South East Europe & Alps

EIT Culture & Creativity is the youngest Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC) from the European Institute of Technology (EIT). It will bring the Cultural and Creative Sectors and Industries (CCSI) into the largest innovation network in Europe. This is the result of decades-long efforts of groups in the policy, industrial, social, and cultural realms, who have made possible the recognition of CCSI as an economic, social, and innovative powerhouse in Europe.

We as Time Machine Organisation are a member of the EIT Culture & Creativity network and are happy to support the kick-off event of this Co-Location Centre South East Europe & Alps which will be lead by the Kreativwirtschaft Austria (KAT).

Open Data of the Past Forum

On 10 October we will host the round table forum Open Data of the Past inviting our audience to learn how to use the Big Data of the Past for new approaches in the Cultural and Creative Sector, using state-of-the-art technologies and digital tools to open ways for new interpretations and views on the past. Experience the possibilities to re-live the past and learn for the future.

Ain´t no mountain high enough

Picture this: A vision to craft the Big Data of the Past, a vast and decentralized digital landscape that meticulously documents Europe’s social, cultural, and geographical evolution across time; a groundbreaking digitization and computing marvel that will empower Europe to breathe life into its rich historical legacy.

As the Time Machine community, we’ve embarked on a journey where ain’t no mountain high enough to deter us. Our mission is to bridge Europe’s storied past with cutting-edge digital technologies and infrastructures, culminating in a shared digital information system: A system meticulously mapping the ongoing tapestry of European economic, social, cultural, and geographical evolution across the ages. Creative industries and “out of the box” innovators are vital to crafting the Big (Open) Data of the Past as a pathway into the democratic future – with guaranteed breathtaking views from mountain peaks along the way.

What’s in it for you…and us!

A panel of experts from diverse backgrounds, each offering unique insights into how digital cultural heritage can inspire, enhance, and make knowledge more accessible while enriching our connection with the past, present, and future, is excited to share their experiences and interact with an audience driven by creative thinking.

Gear up and come along

The vibrant core of our society is, was and will be fueled by imaginative thinkers. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be a part of a transformative movement that will shape Europe’s future. Join us as we embark on this remarkable journey together!

We are thrilled to have an exciting and knowledgeable discussion panel eager to share their experiences with you.

Speaker Panel

Conference overview

To enable creative minds, policy makers, industry, the arts and cultural heritage, academia, research and innovation as well as investors in the area of South East Europe and Alpine Space to access the services of the EIT Culture & Creativity, the Kreativwirtschaft Austria opens the doors to a Co-Location Center in Vienna aiming to jointly create a desirable future. The kick-off of this EIT Co-Location Centre will be celebrated with the Culture & Creativity Days Vienna from 10-11 October in the University of Applied Arts in Vienna.

What to look forward to

  • Key note inspiration on how our immediate surroundings and living space can be co-shaped and enriched with artistic and creative thinking. Take a deep dive into the world of next materials, next production and next renaissance and discover what is already in the making.
  • Engage with a community of creatives, investors and policy makers throughout Europe.
  • Learn why investing in Creatives is a smart investment.
  • Learn how to bring Culture and Creativities in Policies and start shaping your cities and regions.

Above all, let´s get together, celebrate good times with music and drinks.