TMO Webinar #3: Time Machine Agenda – Tools & Development – 26.10.2020

TMO’s third webinar shall give the participants an idea about how the Time Machine Agenda will be implemented

Date: 26. October 2020 17:00 – 18:00 CET
Venue: online (Microsoft Teams live event)go here
Language: English

Make sure to follow TMO President Frédéric Kaplan and TMO Chief Technical Officer Daniel Jeller introducing TMO’s plans and tools to implement, monitor and evaluate the actual building of a Time Machine…

What to expect?

  • Find out how TMO intends to implement the Time Machine Agenda (infrastructure, tools…)
  • Get to know TMO’s “Requests for Comments” (RFCs)
  • Be invited to actively participate in setting up, evaluating and implementing features via RFCs

All attendees are warmly invited to actively share their thoughts and post questions anytime during the live event – all questions will be collected and processed in the second part of the session.

The webinar is open to everyone who is interested in creating the Big Data of the Past – our Time Machine vision – so feel free to spread the word and make sure to be part of the experience!

Find here the link to the online event and join us on October 26th: