Final countdown

Dariah.lab to enter final stage of infrastructure implementation

Registered as Local Time Machine project on our Time Machine website, DARIAH-PL is a development project carried out with an objective to build Dariah.lab – a research infrastructure for digital humanities. Dariah.lab is designed to provide hardware and software resources which enable acquisition, storage and integration of cultural data from the humanities and social sciences, as well as processing, visualizing and sharing of digital resources. Access to these resources will be possible in the form of individual objects, sets or collections and semantic networks of these objects. As a result, the implementation of interdisciplinary research that requires the use of a variety of materials will be much easier. One of the main objectives of this work is provide support for preservation of the Polish cultural heritage, both tangible and intangible.

Entering final stage of infrastructure implementation

The project is entering the final stage of Dariah.lab infrastructure implementation. In this phase documentation and integration of all its components will be achieved. By the end of 2023, Dariah.lab will reach operational level with a common web interface available in a one-stop shop style, with a possibility to browse and search resources offered by the infrastructure using well known taxonomies and vocabularies.

Tomasz Parkoła (Head of Digital Libraries and Knowledge Platform Department and Time Machine Ambassador) shares some introductory information on Dariah.lab in the video below.