Government Funding for Study on Finnish Time Machine Initiative

Finland´s network of Time Machine members pulling together

The Ministry of Education and Culture in Finland funds a study initiated by our Finnish Time Machine Ambassador Juha Henriksson to evaluate and analyse the needs and strengths of the Finnish Time Machine network in order to enrich Time Machine as a whole and learn more about how the Finnish Time Machine members can advance their efforts with the help of Time Machine technology.

Purpose of the Study

The Finnish Time Machine member network is comprised of many different types of organisations and communities. Naturally, this heterogeneous network exhibits a wide range of strengths and development potential seen from the perspective of Time Machine.

There are close to 30 Time Machine members in Finland, mainly comprised of

  • GLAM organisations that could significantly enhance the digitisation of their materials and make their materials available in completely new ways through Time Machine
  • Researchers and teachers who are Time Machine’s future user groups
  • Private sector and IT partners that can help implement Local Time Machine services

Content of the Study

  • Evaluation of already existing technological solutions for digitised and digitising cultural heritage
  • Assessment on how these systems can be incorporated into Time Machine
  • Analysis on how these systems can be enhanced with the help of Time Machine technology
  • Elicitation on available source material by Finnish GLAM partners to advance the above-mentioned technological developments
  • Elicitation of user perspectives: How can Time Machine further research and teaching?
  • Elicitation of Finnish private sector and IT partner perspectives: Opportunities for technical implementation support

Funding Details

Funding period: 1 April 2020 – 31 December 2020
Funders: Ministry of Education and Culture in Finland, the Society of Finnish Archivists, Svenska Litteratursällskapet i Finland, Music Archive Finland

The results of the study will be shared publicly.