Ambassador for Finland

Juha Henriksson, Dr.

Juha Henriksson is Doctor of Philosophy in Musicology and has a Master of Science in Computer Science. He has worked as the Director of the Music Archive Finland since 1997. Henriksson has also taught popular music and jazz at the Helsinki University since 1995. He was appointed as Adjunct Professor in Ethnomusicology in 2006.

The Music Archive Finland (MAF) collects, preserves and provides access to materials relating to Finnish popular music and its history. MAF is also a scholarly center in support of research and teaching that provides information services, surveys of popular music and other material such as sound recordings.

Henriksson is an expert on audio digitization. For instance, he was the chair of the technical group of the EU-funded project “Training for Audiovisual Preservation in Europe”. Henriksson has held numerous trust positions in the field of Finnish cultural heritage during the years, the topics ranging from legal and administrative matters to technical details such as architecture descriptions. Henriksson is also the chief editor of the “Faili” magazine, the only professional journal of document and data management and archiving in Finland.


Adam Sofronijević, Dr. (Serbia)

Deputy Director at University of Belgrade Library and Docent at the Faculty of Applied Management, Economics and Finance Belgrade

Ágnes Telek (Hungary)

Deputy Director of the Department of Maps, Plans and Photographs, Budapest City Archives (BCA)

Eleni Galiotou (Greece)

+ Professor at the Department of Informatics and Computer Engineering of the University of West Attica

Josep Lladós, Dr. (Spain)

Director of the Computer Vision Center and Computer Science professor at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Tino Mager (Netherlands)

Post-doc at the Chair of History of Architecture and Urban Planning at Delft University of Technology

Žarko Vujošević, Dr. (Serbia)

Docent at the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Belgrade, Chair in History in the Early Middle Ages and Auxiliary Historical Sciences