Creativity and Innovation fostering Cultural Heritage

Heritage Innovation Lab

Within the frame of the Creative Innovation Lab C4Education the team launched a comprehensive online platform aiming to act as a b2b marketplace for tools and applications of relevance for stakeholders in the cultural and creative sectors.

Tools and Services

The Heritage Innovation Marketplace not only offers an extensive list of tools, but intends to back this up with additional how-to-use, self-guided learning material, video tutorials and other supportive measures, inviting cultural heritage players to actively use these tools.

A representative set of so far six different cultural heritage applications has been selected for showcasing, aiming to increase outreach and international publicity.

Feel free to learn more about:

  • Nous Sonic: Cutting edge headphone based 3D-Audio technology used for immersive audio guides at Hans Christian Andersen Museum Odense, National Library of Wales or Louvre Abu Dhabi.
  • HERITAGE XR – Social Mixed Reality for Cross-Location Heritage Tourism: Arctron 3D and Consensive offer a novel approach to cultural heritage tourism. The combination of augmented reality at cultural heritage sites with their 3D reconstructions in social virtual reality enables shared experiences across locations.
  • Topothek: Collecting, preserving and displaying memories and images of the past. As a citizen science tool, it enables local populations to share and access historical material and knowledge, primarily held in private hands.
  • Chronoscope World: Revolutionizing the way we explore historical maps by offering an immersive web app that allows users to time-travel across the globe. With over 6,212 historical maps from 60 libraries and archives, this app provides a unique opportunity to study the history of cartography, urban development, and the evolution of borders and infrastructure throughout time.
  • Xpecam Solution: a groundbreaking hardware and software platform that uses AI, deep learning, and data processing to provide unparalleled imaging solutions for the Cultural Heritage sector. This innovative platform, developed by Xpectraltek, allows users to see beyond the visible spectrum and gain insights into hidden information, revolutionizing the field of art conservation and management.
  • ZAUBAR: a powerful B2B software solution that enables cultural institutions to create immersive, location-based augmented reality (AR) experiences for their visitors. Catering to audiences of all ages, ZAUBAR’s innovative platform transforms audiovisual data into engaging AR content, making it accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

Additional benefits

Apart from selecting and presenting the best digital tools for various stages of projects focussing on digital, audio-visual, and cultural heritage, the team behind the Heritage Innovation Lab is offering services and individual support for cultural heritage actors in finding the right tools and approaches.

So, be most welcome to get in touch and learn more about the different offers here: