A call to co-create digital Jena

A virtual history book of the city of Jena to participate in

Strolling through downtown Jena and seeing on your smartphone what it used to look like? Jena4D will soon make this journey through time possible. This project wants to get citizens excited about the history of the city and invite them to remember and share historical photographs. This should also result in an extensive digital collection of knowledge.

In Jena4D an existing browser application for mobile devices will be extended to a participatory knowledge platform for a 4D representation of the entire city of Jena.

This software application already enables a virtual 3D impression of the historic city based on photographs as well as virtual city tours and access to knowledge assets from open source platforms such as Wikipedia. In Jena4D, this application is now extended by a crowdsourcing functionality. Citizens can compile historical photographs, anecdotes and stories as well as create digital city tours and thus jointly create a public digital 4D history book for tourists, contemporary witnesses and subsequent generations. In this way, Jena4D pursues the goal of improving the visibility of the city and the library as well as the awareness of city history.

Interview with Sander Münster (Co-lead Jena4D)

To learn more about this project, watch our video below and visit Jena4D on our Local Time Machine project platform. A press release in German introducing Jena4D is available as well.