Project duration: 2022 - 2022 Date coverage: 1860 - 2020 Website

3D / 4D modelling and reconstruction Crowdsourcing / Citizens’ science Urban History Photos Digital Tourism AR / VR

Imagine: Citizens actively engage with the city’s history, compile personal memories and photos, and together develop a collective city memory. Media-effective events and competitions increase the city’s visibility and awareness of its cultural richness. This increases the number of interested visitors and the awareness and identification of the population with their own city and its history.

In Jena4D an existing browser application for mobile devices ( will be extended to a participatory knowledge platform for a 4D representation of the entire city of Jena. This software application already enables a virtual 3D impression of the historic city based on photographs as well as virtual city tours and access to knowledge assets from open source platforms such as Wikipedia. In Jena4D, this application is now extended by a crowdsourcing functionality. Citizens can compile historical photographs, anecdotes and stories as well as create digital city tours and thus jointly create a public digital 4D history book for tourists, contemporary witnesses and subsequent generations. In this way, Jena4D pursues the goal of improving the visibility of the city and the library as well as the awareness of city history.

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  • Thuringian University and State Library
  • City of Jena

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Kulturstiftung des Bundes