Introducing Time Machine

Keynote by our vice president Thomas Aigner

On 1 Feburary the innovative doctoral program “Visual Heritage”, a unique collaboration between TMO members St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences and the Vienna University of Technology, will celebrate its grand opening. We are happy to announce that our vice president Thomas Aigner will give the keynote speech at this event: The power of Big Data of the Past – Let’s build a Time Machine!

This new doctoral programme, supported within the framework of the FWF’s doc.funds.connect programme and in cooperation with the CDG, will explore the interfaces between visual analytics, computer vision, and cultural heritage over a period of four years. The goal is to address research gaps in both fundamental and applied research. This will be achieved through an innovative combination of “Human-in-the-Loop” Computer Vision and Visual Analytics, advancing the interactive analysis, exploration, and presentation of historical visual media collections.