New Research & Innovation Projects

Netherlands Institute for Sound & Vision – project participations

Our partner, Netherlands Institute for Sound & Vision is excited to announce the participation in two new Horizon Europe projects that will boost digital innovation and entrepreneurship capacity in the cultural heritage sector:

TransMIXR – Ignite the Immersive Media Sector by Enabling New Narrative Visions

Funded by: Horizon Europe
Budget: 9 million €
Runtime: October 2022 – 2025
Partners: Technological University of the Shannon (Lead) and 19 partners from all over Europe

With the maturity of eXtended Reality (XR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, a unique window of opportunity for the European Creative and Cultural Sector (CCS) exists to reimagine digital co-creation, interaction and engagement possibilities. The TRANSMIXR platform will provide (i) a distributed XR Creation Environment that supports remote collaboration practices, and (ii) an XR Media Experience Environment for the delivery and consumption of evocative and immersive media experiences. Ground-breaking AI techniques for the understanding and processing of complex media content will enable the reuse of heterogeneous assets across immersive content delivery platforms. Using the Living Labs methodology, TRANSMIXR will develop and evaluate four pilots that bring the vision of future media experiences to life in four important CCS domains: news media, broadcasting, performing arts, and cultural heritage. 

ReCharge – Resilient European Cultural Heritage As Resource for Growth and Engagement

Funded by: Horizon Europe
Budget: 2,9 million €
Runtime: October 2022 – 2025
Partners: Erasmus University (Lead) and 9 additional partners

RECHARGE will develop participatory business models for museums and cultural institutions to reinvigorate their operations and deliver value through co-creation practices.

RECHARGE builds on new and existing communities, networks and relationships related to cultural heritage institutions, to engage them in participatory management through cultural heritage Living Labs. These labs will test and devise innovative ways to harness resources, to ensure the development of sustainable future business models, focused on the creation and integration of value within each institution and in the sector at large. The project introduces a holistic approach, where participation is seen as the key element in every aspect: from financing to planning and management, from conservation to communication and public engagement.

We are ready to RECHARGE the cultural heritage sector – and you?
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And not to forget: the Netherlands Institute for Sound & Vision is also a valuable partner in our Creative Innovation Lab project C4Education!