TM2020 Poster Wall

In case you missed our virtual conference on 23 -24 November 2020 find here the corresponding presentations of our members:

New members’ introductions

National University of Ireland Galway (pres. by Paul Buitelaar)

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National Library of Finland (pres. by Mikko Lappalainen)

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Essence Academy (pres. by Pierpaolo Massone)

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La Tempesta (pres. by Marc Hernández Güell)

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Univ. of Applied Sciences St. Pölten (pres. by Markus Seidl)

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Danube University Krems (pres. by Florian Windhager)

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Heritage Department - City of 's-Hertogenbosch (pres. by Dieke Wesselingh)

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Meise Botanical Gardens - project LinBi (pres. by Patricia Mergen)

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World Bank Archives (video)

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Tampere University (pres. by Pertti Haapala)

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Local Time Machine Projects & TMO members’ news

Antwerp Time Machine project (pres. by Iason Jongepier)

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Amsterdam Time Machine Project (pres. by Leon van Wissen)

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Barcelona Time Machine Project (pres. by Meritxell Simó)

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Rome Time Machine project (pres. by Martin Raspe)

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Nicosia Time Machine project (pres. by George Artopoulos)

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University of Bologna ( Fabio Vitali)

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IIIA-CSIC & Catalonia Time Machine (pres. by Jordi Sabater-Mir)

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Computer Vision Center (pres. by Alicia Fornés)

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LASTIG CBIR news (pres. by Valérie Gouet-Brunet)

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Digital Humanities Network - UAB (pres. by Oriol Vicente)

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Music Archive Finland news (pres. by Juha Henriksson)

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