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ANCHISE Survey on needs and tools to protect cultural heritage

When thinking about the protection of cultural heritage, there are many aspects to consider. From environmental (and human induced) destruction all the way to looting and illicit trafficking of cultural goods. The EU-funded project ANCHISE (Applying New solutions for Cultural Heritage protection by Innovative, Scientific, social and economic Engagement) aims to build a global and comprehensive answer to meet the challenges of effective protection of cultural heritage in Europe, for both antiquities and modern cultural goods, in order to provide sustainable and replicable solutions by following these objectives:

  • To evaluate technologies (looting detection, detection of neglected or abandoned heritage, object identification and traceability, object marking);
  • To implement Pilot Experimentation Areas;
  • To develop images, SFS and 3D recognition to improve the documentation and recording of objects, then control of objects provenance and detection of illicit trafficking;
  • To disseminate the outcomes of the project.

Share your experience with illicit trafficking of cultural goods!

To gain a better understanding of the users’ needs and potential gaps in the currently available Technologies, Tools and Methods (TTMs) offer to prevent, stop and discover the illicit trafficking or looting of cultural goods, you are kindly invited to bring your contribution to the ANCHISE project by answering the following survey until 19 March 2024.