Becoming Urban – Reconstruction the city of Graz in the long 19th century


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The project focuses on Graz and its urban changes in the long 19th century and enables the user to navigate historical maps in time layers through a WebGIS. Digital mapping technologies are used to locate “Hotspots of Becoming Urban” on enriched historical maps. BeUrb works with GIS data, visualizes historical spaces with geo‐referenced map layers and provides additional detailed information on the development of the structure shown and the perception of space. Spaces in BeUrb reflect concepts that can be summarized by the “spatial turn”: History and space cannot be separated but form a unity. Therefore the approach of the project is not only to show urban changes in time but also to re‐construct the perceived historio‐spatial structures by including a wide variety of sources (e.g. maps, postcards, photos, travel reports/guides): the focus shifts from places, events or buildings of the city to its spatial experience.

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