Centuries in motion: the 1928 challenge


Project duration: 2021 - 2028 Date coverage: 1928 - 2028 Website Contact

3D / 4D modelling and reconstruction Archive Education / pedagogy Landscape reconstruction AR / VR Gamification

Amsterdam is set to celebrate its 750th anniversary in 2025. Three years later, it will be exactly 100 years after the Amsterdam Olympics. 

In this project we make a 3d-scan of the Olympic Stadium of 1928 by using all the archives available, like photos, blueprints and films. This digital stadium can be visited to watch sports and Amsterdam like it is 1928. The Dutch sports heritage will be converted into a virtual world.

The visitors can also join the Virtual Games of 1928 by using their mobile connection. If they run 100 meters in real life, it will be shown in the digital stadium like they are running an Olympic final. They can ask everyone to join this challenge.

Project lead

Jurryt van de Vooren