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In 2009, in the former Euregional Historical Centre Sittard-Geleen (now Archives De Domijnen) project was started: presenting digitally and georeferencing all cadastral information, starting with the year 1843 and later ‘filling the gap’ to the year 1970. It was, and still is, mainly a citizen science project, which is facilitated by several archives and individuals.
Since then, many archives and historical societies in the province of Limburg have joined to add data, which is presented online bij the foundation LGGI.
In the website all data is presented in 4 languages: English, French, German and Dutch.
Every parcel is directly related to scans of the original data. Not only cadastral parcels can be georeferenced, also graves and the graveyard itself can be researched in this way.
With the buttons ‘search’ and ‘options’ you can search through several ‘layers’ like topographic maps 2016 and 1843, satellite-map or relief-map 2016.

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  • Stichting LGGI
  • gemeente Roermond

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