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Rotterdams Publiek provides a view on the cultural history of Rotterdam in the twentieth century. To do so, the project primarily focuses on linking and creating data. Theaters, movie theaters, dancings, libraries, museums and concert halls are added to Wikidata. Images from the city archives and newspaper articles on Delpher are linked to these venues. Events – concerts, film screenings, exhibitions – are shown on the website, both on venue pages and in a ‘time machine’ that provides a view on the cultural cityscape in a specific year.

The public is encouraged to participate in crowdsourcing projects, Wikidata editathons and in sharing memories on the project website.

The project aims to make data publicly available in a sustainable manner. To do so it added 100+ venues and 1500+ exhibitions to Wikidata, crowdsourced film screenings will be added to the Cinema Context database and links between venues and images will be ’roundtripped’ to the City Archives collection data.

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