TMO Webinar #2: Project Scouting & Third Party Services – 19.10.2020

TMO’s second virtual live event will focus on funding related services to members and third parties

Date: 19. October 2020 17:00 – 18:00 CET
Venue: online (Microsoft Teams live event)
Language: English

Project Scouting Service Leader Sander Münster and his team will introduce TMO’s plans for services to third parties (e.g. consulting for national/regional authorities) and the already running Project Scouting activities plus success stories.

What to expect?

  • Get to know the Team
  • Learn more about TMO’s services to members and third parties
  • See how TMO-members can benefit from the Project Scouting Services
  • Hear first testimonials from successful project involvements by TMO

All attendees are warmly invited to share their thoughts and post questions anytime during the event – all questions will be collected and processed in the second part of the session.

The webinar is open to everyone who is interested in creating the Big Data of the Past – our Time Machine vision! Project Scouting Services are nonetheless only available to TMO members – so feel free to join our network, if not done so already…

Find here the link to the online event and join us on October 19th: