Ambassador for South Italy

Antonella Ambrosio, Dr.

Dr. Ambrosio is member of the Time Machine Ambassador team responsible for South Italy. She has expertise in managing large projects and in coordinating work and research groups: She was scientific responsible for the Department of Humanities of UNINA (University of Naples Federico II) of the international project ENArCEuropean Network on Archival Cooperation (2010 – 2015), funded by the European Union Culture Programme 2007 – 2013  and co:op – community as opportunity. the creative archives’ and users’  network (EU, Creative Europe 2014-2020). Currently, she coordinates the Naples Time Machine and the Italian section of the Monasterium project. She is also vice president of ICARUS where she coordinates the ICARUS Didactics work group as well as representative of the Dipartimento di Studi Umanistici (University of Naples Federico II) for the Time Machine Organisation.


Adam Sofronijević, Dr. (Serbia)

Deputy Director at University of Belgrade Library and Docent at the Faculty of Applied Management, Economics and Finance Belgrade

Ágnes Telek (Hungary)

Deputy Director of the Department of Maps, Plans and Photographs, Budapest City Archives (BCA)

Josep Lladós, Dr. (Spain)

Director of the Computer Vision Center and Computer Science professor at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Tino Mager (Netherlands)

Post-doc at the Chair of History of Architecture and Urban Planning at Delft University of Technology

Žarko Vujošević, Dr. (Serbia)

Docent at the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Belgrade, Chair in History in the Early Middle Ages and Auxiliary Historical Sciences