Žarko Vujošević, Dr. (Serbia)

Dr. Žarko Vujošević is member of Managing Boards of International Centre for Archival Research (ICARUS, Vienna) and Centre for Advanced Medieval Studies (CAMS, Belgrade). His main fields of interest/activity are: Auxiliary historical sciences, especially diplomatics; religious and cultural heritage of the medieval Balkans; Church and political history of the European Early Middle Ages; project management and international cooperation.
Publications: Until 2019 overall 28 published articles and editions of medieval charters in domestic and international scientific journals in Serbian, German and English.

“Being a researcher in humanities, I’m aware of the fact that results of scientific efforts mostly remain limited to the narrow circle of colleagues. Having also experience of teaching at the University, I learned of the importance of pulling knowledge and scholarly discourse out of the academic offices. It seems that Time Machine bears great potential by offering to reach a wider audience. For the institutions in Serbia, as a state outside the EU, every opportunity of being included in international cooperations as well as of being funded within European programmes is highly important. Especially the collaboration between “classical” science and information technologies in the field of humanities is still to be improved in Serbia – an issue to be possibly developed within Time Machine. On the other hand, Serbia has somewhat to contribute to the common European heritage and identity, as it would be one of the focuses of joint activities within the Time Machine project. As a historical subject traditionally placed “between East and West”, Serbia keeps some cultural and historical treasures of high interregional importance, which could be a topic of one or more Serbian Local Time Machines.”