Vlatka Lemić (Croatia)

Assistant professor Vlatka Lemić, Ph. D. works at the University of Zagreb as Head of Archival Office. She is an archival counselor as well as professor at the Archival Atudies Department of the University of Zagreb. She is actively engaged in various international projects in the field of information and archival sciences, culture and digital humanities (Creative Europe, DARIAH, AERI). Lemić is vice president of ICARUS, president of ICARUS Croatia (ICARUS HRVATSKA) and member of the ICA EURBICA Executive Board as well as EGSHAH.

“I strongly believe in the Time Machine‘s interdisciplinary and collaborative network vision and alliance. Coming from the archival world, I am aware that the idea of open archives can be realized only with the support of science, technology and government structures. Time Machine has a unique potential to present archival stories to the public and show why archives and historical records and memories are important for understanding society, communities and individuals. The fundamental role of archives – preserving the past and documenting the present to guide future actions – is built in the Time Machine idea and actions. For an archivist like me, this is a once in a lifetime professional challenge.”