Ambassador for Czech Republic

Eva Vodochodská

Eva Vodochodská is a librarian of the Benedictine monastery library in Broumov and PhD student of Department of Auxiliary Historical Sciences and Archive Studies at the Philosophical Faculty, University of Hradec Králové.
The main topics of her current research are related to church history, monastery libraries and Czech Benedictine order.

“In our archives, libraries, museums and other memory institutions are a huge amount of extraordinary documents, books, pictures etc. Unfortunately, only a small number of people can understand and interpret them. In the Time Machine project, I see a big opportunity to show people how amazing and interesting history is and how important it is to know about it. It is also a big challenge for us to take advantage of the digital era to be able to care better about our cultural heritage. The possibility to share knowledge, to think together and to create new tools is unique and today very much needed. The results of the common effort will be usable for a wide spectrum of institutions and above all for the wide public.”


Adam Sofronijević, Dr. (Serbia)

Deputy Director at University of Belgrade Library and Docent at the Faculty of Applied Management, Economics and Finance Belgrade

Ágnes Telek (Hungary)

Deputy Director of the Department of Maps, Plans and Photographs, Budapest City Archives (BCA)

Josep Lladós, Dr. (Spain)

Director of the Computer Vision Center and Computer Science professor at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Tino Mager (Netherlands)

Post-doc at the Chair of History of Architecture and Urban Planning at Delft University of Technology

Žarko Vujošević, Dr. (Serbia)

Docent at the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Belgrade, Chair in History in the Early Middle Ages and Auxiliary Historical Sciences